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Finding a good place to spend a holiday is indeed important for everyone, especially travelers. It depends on where they are going to spend the vacation, though. For example, they can choose Bodas Crater if their destination is Garut Regency. The location is in Sukamenak Village and it belongs to Wanaraja Sub-District in Indonesia. The site provides a nice facility for tourists to relieve stresses, actually. It is because visitors can either take a bath in the hot spring or simply watch stunning panorama on site. It definitely becomes a top choice when it comes to relaxation and a family recreation, no?

The Nuance
Some people call Bodas a crater, while others call it a lake. Regardless of how people name it, the site never fails to amuse everyone. Thanks to the white color of the water. It gives a unique charm to the lake and attracts more people. To be exact, it was a former crater of Bodas Mountain and still shows some volcanic activities. Despite the fact, it causes no harm to tourists so everyone can get close to the lake safely. Getting in the water directly is not allowed, though, due to the high level of sulfur. Instead, there is a facility (public hot spring) where tourists can use for bathing and relaxation. In terms of nuance, Cibodas Crater is similar to that of Ciwidey actually.

Exploring Bodas Crater
Even the trip to Bodas Crater is quite exciting due to the presence of amazing panorama. This way, tourists won’t get bored when heading to the site. Aside from the majestic natural scenery, they need to pass through a hilly landscape with steep valleys. What an interesting trip it is! Another interesting view is the local activity (farming), done by villagers who live near to the mountain. Most of the time, they are seen planting tomatoes and cabbages.

Once arriving at the base camp, tourists can start their adventure right away. Preparing the equipment is quite important, though. As long as they get prepared, trekking to Bodas Crater won’t be tiring or troublesome. Instead, it provides them with a new experience and fun as well. During trekking, they can even take some time to captures pictures of nature. Thus, make sure to explore the site well before reaching the crater. Somehow, hiring a tour guide is a good idea.

The best thing to do once arriving at Bodas Crater is to take a bath in the public hot spring facility. Here is the good news. Everyone can use the facility freely! It takes only a few walks to reach the pond (which is 200 meters apart from the crater).

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How to Get There
A trip to Bodas Crater may take about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Bandung City. It is because the distance is 84.7 km. From the capital of West Java Province, the first destination is Garut Regency. Next, tourists only need to get to Wanaraja Sub-District and reach Sukamenak Village afterward. The last thing to do is to get to the crater by short trekking. For your information, the best route to take is Nanggeleng – Cirahayu Street.

Where to Stay

  • Alamanda Resort
  • Papandayan Hotel
  • Sartika Ciawi Hotel
  • Maribaya Indah Hotel

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