Cikuray Mountain in Cilawu Sub-District, Garut Regency

For those who look for a new adventure, they should choose Garut City as their next vacation destination. It is the home of a famous mountain called Cikuray, after all. This grandiose mountain resides in Dangiang Village and belongs to Cilawu Sub-District. Due to the size, it becomes the 4th biggest mountain in West Java Province! The others are Pangrangro, Ciremai, and Gede Mountain. Here is the next impressive fact. Cikuray becomes the biggest mountain in Garut Regency! What is more? Aside from the size, it is known for its challenging trekking route.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, Cikuray Mountain is considered majestic due to its size. When it comes to height, it is approximately 2818 meters above the sea level. Even the landscape is perfect for trekking and exploration. Despite such perfect environment, some people may feel a little bit disappointed due to the absence of facilities. Visitors won’t find any toilets or inns there, in fact. Fortunately, they may find a nice campground where they can build the tent and spend the night comfortably. What they need is to come with a tour guide or experienced trekkers in order to find that site efficiently.

Exploring Cikuray Mountain
Well, it is better to learn about the history of Cikuray Mountain first. According to the locals, the past name of this mountain is Srimanganti. Several ancient scripts said that the mountain became a “Mandala” (the center of hermitage) amongst priests during the 17th century back then. It is also said that the mountain was used as the center of writing activity during the reign of Padjadjaran Kingdom. It is not a myth! Even the written proofs are kept well in Ciburuy Cultural Heritage Center of Cigedug Sub-District. For further information regarding the history of the mountain, tourists can either ask the locals or tour guides, actually.

After learning the history of Cikuray Mountain, tourists can enjoy the prime activity which is trekking. In fact, 3 trekking routes are available for them to choose depending on characteristics preferences and difficulty. These routes are Dayeuhmanggung, Cikajang, and Bayongbong. For those who love an extreme trekking experience, they should pick Bayongbong route as it offers a steep landscape and challenging environment. Here is the good thing. This route is considered the fastest, so trekkers can reach the peak of the mountain in an efficient manner.

During trekking, tourists may pass through a beautiful tea plantation called Akar Wangi Farm. According to local farmers, they also cultivate Atsiri (essential) oil there. This oil is the basic ingredient to make high-quality perfumes, in fact. Before continuing the trekking activity, thus, tourists should take some pictures of local’s activity and buy some oils if necessary.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to get to Cikuray Mountain, tourists need to reach Garut Regency first. Next, they only need to go to Cilawu Sub-District and visit Dangiang Village right away. This whole trip may take about 2 hours and 10 minutes, as the distance is 75.6 km. In this case, the best route to take is Nanggeleng – Cirahayu Street.

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