Rancabuaya Beach in Caringin Sub-District, Garut Regency

A beach vacation gives many benefits to everyone, including the opportunity to witness sun views, family recreation, relaxation, photography, and many more! The only consideration is where tourists should go. In Garut Regency, for example, Rancabuaya Beach becomes a recommended choice for everyone. The location is in Purbayani Village and it belongs to Caringin Sub-District. Being one of the south beaches of Garut, it is considered more crowded than others. Thanks to the flawless beauty of the shoreline and numerous facilities of the site. This explains why tourists keep coming there regardless of the times and where they come from.

The Nuance
Rancabuaya Beach resides on the heights of about 200 meters above the sea level. The nuance is considered warm and it features an insignificant breeze as well. When it comes to the sea, it has calm blue color and warm water. The waves have the height of approximately 1 meter and the shoreline is sloping. The water near to the seashore looks crystal clear, so tourists can see small corals and underwater objects plainly! What is more? The sand of the beach has a soft texture and it comes in beautiful white color. In the back, several fishermen boats are parked beautifully. Not to mention shady trees grow there, creating a comfy ambiance to the site, even the location provides small gazebos for visitors!

Exploring Rancabuaya Beach
The sloping landscape of Rancabuaya Beach makes it more appealing to visitors. It also has shallow water on the area near to the shoreline. No wonder, any underwater objects can be seen clearly from the land including green algae, seaweed, coral fishes, and tunas. Tourists don’t even need to get in the water or snorkeling in order to watch those exotic underwater creatures. Next, visitors should explore the beach and reach the fish auction where they can either buy fresh fishes or witness a local transaction done by the sellers and buyers.

For those who want to relax and enjoy breezy wind, they can take advantage of available gazebos provided by nearby eateries. That means visitors can eat delicious foods while resting at such comfy place, too! Later, after eating, the best thing to do is to watch the stunning sunset in the afternoon. This moment, without a doubt, is suitable for those who come with a lover, due to the romantic ambiance.

According to the locals, the best place to witness beach scenery in a phenomenal highland located in the east part of the beach. The locals call it Guha Peak, which becomes a favorite site for watching sunrise and photography. Thus, don’t forget to carry a camera and everyone should be careful when reaching the peak.

Nearby Attractions

  • Cidora Beach
  • Rancabuaya Market
  • Puncak Guha Beach
  • Cikaso Beach

How to Get There
A trip to Rancabuaya Beach may take approximately 3 hours and 52 minutes for those coming from Bandung City, as the distance is 137 km. The prime destination is Garut City. Next, tourists can take any local transportation service and head to Caringin Sub-District. The last thing to do is to reach Purbayani Village, where the beach resides. As for the fastest route, it is Ciwidey – Cidaun Street.

Where to Stay

  • Eka Jaya Hotel
  • Rachmat Hotel

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