Cicalobak Beach in Depok Sub-District, Garut Regency

A good vacation spot helps to create a memorable moment when spending a holiday, without a doubt. In this case, for those who love outdoor activities, they can choose Cicalobak Beach of Garut Regency as their next vacation destination. The location is in Karangwangi Village and it belongs to Depok Sub-District. This beautiful beach resides on the edge of the South Trans Jabar Lane (between Rancabuaya and Pameungpeuk). Here is the good news. The route is considered nice and the access is definitely easy. That means everyone can reach the beach easily without any troublesome efforts.

The Nuance
One thing that makes Cicalobak Beach unique is the presence of the coral cluster. To be exact, Cicalobak is a small estuary, which flows through the recession between two clusters of coral reefs. Once arriving at the site, thus, tourists can hear a soothing sound of the waves that splash those coral reefs. Despite the big waves (which is a common characteristic of South beaches of Garut), the seawater becomes calmer in the recession part of the beach. No wonder, many tourists take advantage of such condition to swim using buoy tires. In a nutshell, this beach resembles Bali’s Tanah Lot so much and is suitable for photography. The presence of gazebos on the edge of the coral reefs makes the beach perfect for relaxation as well.

Exploring Cicalobak Beach
So, what can tourists do in Cicalobak Beach? It is as simple as relaxation. Thanks to the presence of gazebos. Visitors can use the facility to relax and rest with their families. Even they can eat foods and snacks there while watching the sea panorama. The next spot to explore is none other than the formation of coral reefs that connect to other smaller beaches like Walet, Parat, and Karang Tepas Beach. One thing, everyone should be careful when exploring the site due to the challenging landscape.

The next popular activity that tourists can do in Cicalobak Beach is fishing. It is because the locals have been visiting the beach to do such fun and peaceful activity. That means the beach has plenty of fishes for everyone to catch, no? The only consideration is that tourists should have prepared the fishing rod and other equipment beforehand. It is also important to find the right spot for fishing, as it determines how many fishes they may catch.

What is next? When the weather is good and the waves are nice, some locals provide a facility for tourists to use which is the buoy tires. That means visitors are allowed to swim in the sea with such safety equipment and professional supervision provided by the locals. For those who do not like water sports, though, they can simply enjoy photography on Cicalobak Beach.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Sodong Lalay Beach
  • Karang Tepas Beach
  • Citaggeuleuk Beach

How to Get There
For those coming from Bandung City, their prime destination is Garut City. Next, they should reach Depok Sub-District. What they need to do next is to get to Karangwangi Village and visit Cicalobak Beach immediately. This whole trip may take approximately 3 hours and 59 minutes, as the distance is 137 km. Have no worries. It can be faster if they take Ciwidey – Cidaun Street.

Where to Stay

  • Lugina Inn
  • Jaya Sakti 4 Inn
  • Neglasari Hotel

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