Karacak Valley in Margawati Sub-District, Garut Regency

Travelers may wonder what the best Indonesia’s tourist attraction located in Garut Regency is. Well, this kind of question is quite difficult as many vacation spots are available in such region. Not to mention all of them are worth to visit. However, for those who love outdoor activities and adventure, Karacak Valley can be a perfect choice when coming to Indonesia. It is located in Sukanegla Village and belongs to Margawati Sub-District. This valley was found by local farmers, who manage the site well and introduce the beauty of the valley to outsiders. Today, it has turned into a wonderful place to spend an adventure and exploration!

The Nuance
What about the nuance? Karacak Valley consists of different landscapes, including farms and pines. Such lush and shady pine forest creates a comforting atmosphere to the site. On top of that, the valley features refreshing air which is suitable for lessening. Another important fact is that the locals have provided a parking area for tourists. With a small amount of parking and entrance fee, everyone can explore the site to their heart’s content! This expense is worth the money as visitors can do lots of fun things there, after all.

Exploring Karacak Valley
Once getting to the entrance of Keracak Valley, tourists can see the keeper. This person is quite friendly and he may show the direction to the parking area as well. Here, everyone should pay the parking fee before entering the site. Have no worries. This is the only expense they need to spend for enjoying all the attractions later. No wonder, visiting Karacak Valley is one of the cheapest vacations that everyone can enjoy during holidays regardless of from where they come.

Now, the adventure begins. The first natural attraction is none other than the pine forest. The shady and lush pines look so beautiful and they create a soothing atmosphere to the site as well. Not only tourists can enjoy such nuance, they can also take pictures using that amazing natural background. The forest is, somehow, becomes a perfect background to take selfies! Thus, everyone can post such stunning photos on social media sites and brag them to both friends and families.

Karacak Valley is also famous for its waterfalls! One of them is called Curug Ngebul and it requires a short trekking to get to the location. The good thing is that trekkers can find drink vendors during the trip and buy a warm coffee while resting for a while. It is because the site is surrounded by coffee plantations; so many locals sell that delicious beverage along the way to the waterfall. Even a camping ground resides in Karacak Valley!

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How to Get There
So, how can tourists reach Keracak Valley? For those coming from Bandung City in Indonesia, their prime destination is definitely Garut Regency. Next, they should head to Margawati Sub-District and reach Sukangela right away. This trip may cost them about 2 hours and 3 minutes, as the distance is 71 km. Have no worries. It can be faster if they take Nanggeleng – Cirahayu Street.

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