Sayang Heulang Beach in Pameungpeuk Sub-District, Garut Regency

Usually, travelers choose one of two common vacation destinations which are either mountains or beaches. The choice depends on their preferences and the purpose of the trip, though. In this case, for those who love beautiful beaches, they should visit Sayang Heulang Beach of Garut Regency. It is located in Mancagahar Village and belongs to Pameungpeuk Sub-District. Not only the beach has a stunning beauty, but it also gives a distinct experience to visitors due to its challenging route. It is because tourists need to pass through hills and winding roads in order get to the site.

The Nuance
Sayang Heulang Beach is located in the countryside of Garut City, so it takes some time to get there. The shoreline has the length of about 3.5 km and it has the width of approximately 50 meters! When it comes to the total area, it is around 10 hectares. In terms of nuance, the beach has strong waves and numerous coral reefs on it. Not to mention trees grow on some parts of the beach. One thing, there is a unique feature of the site which is the presence of a suspension bridge! Somehow, it becomes the best site for sightseeing and photography. No worries. Despite the strong wind, the bridge is safe to cross.

Exploring Sayang Heulang Beach
In terms of name, Sayang Heulang derives from Sunda Language and the meaning is the nest of the eagle. This explains why tourists may see a statue of eagle installed near to the entrance of this beach. Once getting to the location, they would be impressed by the panorama as well. These include the flawless sea water and stunning white sand. With such nuance, visitors can enjoy both sightseeing and photography to their heart’s content indeed. Make sure to use the bridge to do these activities.

Here is the tip for first-timers. The best time to visit Sayang Heulang Beach is in the afternoon or before sunset. This way, tourists won’t miss the chance to witness such amazing natural phenomenon. Somehow, it creates a romantic feeling as well. What everyone needs to pay attention is only the weather. It is important to ensure to come to the beach during good weather or summer (when the rainfall is low).

Another allure of Sayang Heulang Beach is the presence of a camping ground located near to the beach. Not only tourists can experience a comfortable camping nuance, but they can feel the breezy wind of the beach while spending the night on the site. Still, they must prepare the tent and other equipment beforehand, as no nearby facilities provide these.

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How to Get There
From Bandung City, tourists’ first destination would be Garut Regency. From there, they can simply head to Pameungpeuk Sub-District and reach Mancagahar afterward. This trip takes approximately 4 hours and 27 minutes, as the distance is 150 km. For the information, the best route to take is Raya Cisompet Street. Also, as mentioned before, travelers may pass through hills before reaching the beach.

Where to Stay

  • Diar 1 Hotel
  • Disa Inn
  • Lestari Inn

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