Travel Agents

TX Travel Bekasi Timur
Chairil Anwar Street Ruko Kalimas Block C/23
Phone: (021) 88343199

Tufany Travel
Pekayon Raya Street 45-C
Phone: (021) 8216461

Sholupta Wibawa Tour & Travel
Jend A Yani Street Ruko Sentra Niaga Kalimalang Block A-1/7
Phone: (021) 8853888

Sakura Dewata Tour
Industry MM 2100 Area Bl B/12
Phone: (021) 89982428

Jakarta Tour & Travel
Chairil Anwar Street Block B/8
Phone: (021) 8806185

Ika Tour & Travel
Jend Sudirman Street Grand Mall Block B/11
Phone: (021) 88959623

Arum Travel
Mulyadi Joyomartono Street 193-C
Phone: (021) 88356805

Anta Tour Agency
Ruko Menteng Plaza Block B/25
Phone: (021) 89900811

Anta Express Tour & Travel Service
MH Thamrin Street Menteng Plaza Block B/25
Phone: (021) 89900809
Amalia Nur Karoma Tours & Travel
Vip Building, Pajajaran Street 886
Phone: (0251) 347447

Ananda Karima Wisata
Raya Sindang Barang Loji Street
Phone: (0251) 358002

CV. Mardika Artha Pratama
A. Yani Ii Street 118
Phone: (0251) 7157792/93

CV. Putra Ananda
Bus Station Baranangsiang
Phone: (0251) 354809

Equatorial Jade Tour & Travel
Sedap Malem Ii Street 16

Kerub Wisata
Raya Cemplang Semplak Street
Phone: (0251) 512215

Larasati Tours & Travel
Kapt. Muslihat Taman Topi Street
Phone: (0251) 338361

Maghfiroh Travel
Villa Bogor Indah F3/1
Phone: (0251) 7158265

Mulia Rahayu Tour & Travel
Mayor Oking Street 18 Bogor
Phone: (0251) 324150

Nitop Travinocia Tours & Travel
Sawojajar Street 2 Kav 12

PT. Finija Jasa Lestari
Jend Sudirman Street 14 A Bogor
Phone: (0251) 328914-370350

Semeru Pariwisata
Dr. Semeru 54 Kav. 8-9
Phone: (0251) 351961

Paramount Raya
Pajajaran Street 1
Phone: (0251) 331209

Pesona Tour
Kedelai Street 8, Ipb Ciheuleut

PT. Nustra Tours & Travel
Villa Duta Kamp Sawah Street 1000
Phone: (0251) 358485

PT. Bumi Energi Equatorial
Ir. H. Juanda Street 8
Phone: (0251) 330153

PT. Saka Johar
Blok X-1 Street 1-A
Phone: (0251) 7151104

PT. Sakinah Mandiri
Raya Wangun Street 315
Phone: (0251) 242152

Arie Tour
Pajajaran Street (Setia Jaya)
Phone: (0251) 319168

Bayu Buana Tours & Travel
Siliwangi Street 37 E
Phone: (0251) 328788

Budhy Persada Tour & Travel
Siliwangi Street 37
Phone: (0251) 328788

CV. Aridethi Dharma Nugraha
Perum Cipaku Indah Block G 23-24
Phone: (0251) 354521

PT. Ratna Azizah Mustika
Ir. H. Juanda Street
Phone: (0251) 387089

Panorama Tour
Jend Sudirman Street 58 E
Phone: (0251) 378868 CIREBON
Travel Mitra
Parujakan Street 50
Phone: (0231) 204465

Permata Travel Transport
Olah Raga I Street 55
Phone: (0231) 243244

Leo Star Tour & Travel
Cangkring I Street 24
Phone: (0231) 208633

Lentera Tour
Syekh Bayanillah Setuwetan Weru Street
Phone: (0231) 3389577

Daffa Rental Tour & Travel
Pilang Perdana Estate Complex Block A-VII/19
Phone: (0231) 3382755

Galaxi Tour Travel
Nuri V Street 17
Phone: (0231) 209104

Birama Idaman Express
Laks L RE Martadinata Street 45
Phone: (0265) 328003

Cipaganti Travel & Paket
Laks L RE Martadinata Street 50
Phone: (0265) 334378

Wisata Titian Nusantara
Tasik Indah Plaza 38
Phone: (0265) 324694

Annisa Travel
Ciledug Street 6 Garut
Phone: (0262) 231450

Madania Semesta Wisata
Ciledug Street 121
Phone: (0262) 233589

Diana Travel
Kartini Street 53-A
Phone: (021) 7750035

Kirana Tour & Travel
Proklamasi Street Block D/11
Phone: (021) 77829127

Maida Tour
Margonda Street 44

Margonda Tour & Travel
Margonda Raya Street 345-C
Phone: (021) 7750999

Aristyaa Ceria Pangestu
Margonda Raya Street 177
Phone: (021) 7751888

Limpar Putra Karya Mandiri
Margonda Raya Street 47
Phone: (021) 77213875

Ronatama Trans Mandiri
Margonda Raya Street 88-D
Phone: (021) 7777736

Anta Express Tours & Travel
Cibadak Street 168, Bandung
Phone: (022) 611774
Fax: 637110

Buana Leisure Tours & Travel
Merdeka Street 27
Phone: (022) 44315, 444256
Fax: (022) 444496

Adyas Sinar Wisata Tours & Travel
Karawitan Street 5, Bandung
Phone: (022) 304288
Fax: (022) 304288

Bayu Buana Tours & Travel
Merdeka Street 27, Bandung
Phone: (022) 4204256
Fax: (022) 4204498

Art Tours & Travel
Ciumbuleuit Street 70
Phone: (022) 232575
Fax: (022) 235609

Latest News

Bogor Botanical Garden Collections

In the Journal of Nature (a scientific journal of high repute), Mounce et al (2017) revealed, widely that Botanical Gardens around the world have collected at least 105,634 species or equivalent to 30% of all known plant diversity worldwide. However, it was also disclosed that there are an estimated 75% of species that have not been conserved in the tropics. Therefore, the Bogor Botanical Gardens which incidentally located in the tropics and are included in the oldest botanical gardens in Southeast Asia, must be able to answer the conservation challenges…

History of Bogor Botanical Gardens

The Bogor Botanical Gardens are the only natural destination in the middle of Bogor city with 87 hectares area. The transportation support capacity is very adequate to access this tourist location. Easy toll access and public transportation access are widely available, which are added values ??for the existence of this tourist location. The existence of the Bogor Botanical Gardens itself cannot be separated from the historical value of the existence of the Dutch in the colonial period, where it is known that the Bogor Botanical Gardens was founded by the…

Ranca Upas, Camping Place in Bandung

Ranca Upas is one of the tourist destinations in Bandung. Here you can camp while looking at the herd of deer and stunning scenery. Ranca Upas is a tourist spot located in Rancabali District, Bandung Regency, West Java. Ranca Upas is also known as campground, which is a favorite place for nature lovers. At Ranca Upas you can camp in the meadow on a hill of about 1700 meters above sea level. The view in the morning really amazes like being abroad. Moreover, the cool air makes the atmosphere more…

3 Most Popular Waterfalls in West Java

Last year, the waterfall or in local language called as ‘curug’, became a very popular tourist destination for tourists. Its presence in remote areas makes tourists more curious and feels challenged to reach it. Local waterfalls are also crowded because at that time Indonesian citizens were hit by boredom due to the Corona virus pandemic which forced them to cancel their vacation plans. West Java is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and mountains. The area, which is divided into 18 districts and nine cities, also has tourism potential…

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