Bumi Batara Adventure Camp in Mekarjaya Sub-District, Garut Regency

What is the best idea to enjoy the next holiday? Some people may think that camping would be a nice choice. The question is where they need to spend the activity, due to the fact that many camping grounds are available in different regions. In Garut Regency, there is a good reference though. It is called Bumi Batara Adventure Camp and resides in Sukarame Village, Mekarjaya Sub-District. Not only the site is suitable for camping, but it often becomes the best place to enjoy rafting (considering the fact that it resides on the edge of Cimanuk River).

The Nuance
Unlike other camping grounds (which are located in the highlands), Bumi Batara Adventure Camp has more facilities due to a good management. Also, it has more regular visitors as the location is easy to reach. What is more? It is true the site offers a good spot for camping, but it also provides other spots to enjoy more fun activities including outbound facility and rafting center! Even there is an open field which can be used for playing sports with other guests. It is a complete vacation destination for those who love outdoor activities, in a nutshell.

Exploring Bumi Batara Adventure Camp
Perhaps some people may wonder regarding what they can do in Bumi Batara Adventure Camp. To be frank, as the name suggests, it is definitely camping! Visitors can either rent the tent or bring it in order to enjoy such activity. The most important consideration is that they must choose the right spot to build the tent. Have no worries. They can simply ask for the tip and suggestion from the keeper or guide to find it! No extra fee involves, in fact.

Aside from camping, tourists can do other fun activities in Bumi Batara Adventure Camp. According to the management, the majority of visitors who came to the site wanted to enjoy either camping or rafting. It is because the site offers more than just a campsite, but also other landscapes like a river and open fields. For those who want to enjoy rafting, though, they need to spend some money to get the service. Once again, a good management makes it both safe and comfortable for everyone to enjoy! As an alternative, river tubing is also recommended to try.

What is next? They are outbound and paintballs! These fun activities are suitable who come to Bumi Batara Adventure Camp with friends or families. These help them to build a stronger bond with others and get the fun too. Without, a doubt, everyone should pay some money to try these sports (which is worth the expense).

Nearby Attractions

  • Garut City
  • RVQ Farm House
  • Karacak Valley

How to Get There
Here is the good thing. Everyone can visit Bumi Batara Adventure Camp easily, due to the fact that it resides in a strategic location. For those coming from Bandung City, their prime destination should be Garut Regency. Next, they only need to get to Mekarjaya Sub-District and visit Sukarame Village afterward. The last thing to do is to approach the campsite right away! Actually, this whole trip may take around 1 hours and 57 minutes as the distance is 70.4 km. The trip can be faster if they take Nanggeleng – Cirahayu Street, though.

Where to Stay

  • Kondang Sari Hotel
  • Mulih Ka Desa Hotel
  • Familie Ayu Hotel

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