Orok Waterfall in Cikajang Sub-District, Garut Regency

Well, some passionate travelers may consider exploring all available waterfalls located in Garut Regency, including the one called Orok. The location is in Cikandang Village and it belongs to Cikajang Sub-District. This waterfall is indeed familiar to the locals, as they often visit it during weekends. The main allure of the site is definitely the beauty of nature. However, tourists also have other reasons for visiting the site including the dark story related to the waterfall. “Orok” means a new-born baby, actually. According to the locals, the waterfall got the name due to the fact that a young woman threw her baby on the waterfall in 1986 back then.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Orok Waterfall offers both pristine and refreshing atmosphere. Thanks to the pristine environment. Not to mention it is located at the height of 250 meters above the sea level and has the height of approximately 45 meters. When it comes to the appearance, it has two main parts including the big and small landscape. According to the locals, the big one represents a mother and the small one represents the baby. Another impressive feature is the presence of a small pond located under the waterfalls, which is suitable for taking a bath and playing water. It even feels so refreshing regardless of the time, especially in the morning.

Exploring Orok Waterfall
The most impressive fact is that tourists would find 7 waterfalls when heading to the site. However, only Orok Waterfall opens for public and it has the easiest accessibility as compared to others. Not to mention Orok has been included in the list of official tourist sites of Garut since 1996. Plus, it is managed by Perkebunan Nusantara Ltd! That means visitors may expect a clean and comfortable environment once arriving at the site. Even there are stairs for tourists to use in order to go down to the waterfall (having the length of 200 meters).

When approaching Orok Waterfall, tourists may hear the sound of gurgling water right away. Somehow, it sounds so peaceful and helps everyone to relieve stresses at once. The good thing is that visitors are allowed to play water and take a bath in the natural pond located under the waterfall! It feels so refreshing for sure, especially in the morning. Also, the nuance soothes them due to the unspoiled environment. What a great way to spend a relaxing vacation!

Even though Orok Waterfall is known for its tragic history, people keep coming to the site and spend a vacation there. The only consideration is the weather, as the temperature can be quite cold sometimes. Thus, everyone should consider wearing a jacket when visiting the location. Make sure not to come during the rainy season, though.

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How to Get There
The distance between Bandung City and Orok Waterfall is 96.9 km, so it takes approximately 3 hours and 4 minutes to get to the site. First, travelers need to get to Garut City and take another local transportation to reach Cikajang Sub-District. The last thing to do is to visit Cikandang Village and perform a short trekking to the waterfall. The whole trip becomes faster if they take Nanggeleng – Cirahayu Street, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Balungbang Guesthouse
  • Eka Jaya Hotel
  • Sari Papandayan Resort

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